During the winter of 1876,

  a group of settlers disappeared in the wilderness of norteastern Minnesota. Now, a new expedition have set out to continue their work where they left off, but will these newcomers have better luck? Or will also they meet their fate near the dark waters of Desolation Lake?

What kind of game is this?
This live action roleplaying game will in general combine two aspects; one being the actual building of permanent structures, while the other will consist of portraying people struggling to settle in a dangerous wilderness. We intend to give these two aspects equal importance.

The actual work of building will take up between eigth and ten hours every day, and you will remain in character during this entire time. You will work with the tools available to a person from the 1870ies, eat the food he or she would eat, chat with your fellow workers, and feel the sweat on your back. As we know, not everyone are cut out for carpentry, so we will provide other possibilities for work – for instance, someone will need to cook the food, there is need to collect moss to put between the logs of the main building, and many other tasks. If you have ideas for what task you can do, please let us know!

Note that the buildings being built in the Village are not necessarily typical for the American frontier during 1877. We ask that you ignore this fact, since we want to work on Village projects already planned.

While you will be roleplaying while building, you will get the opportunity to go deeper into your plots after the work ends for the day. In addition to mere survival and the more trivial, everyday plots, there will be elements of investigation, suspense, action and horror during the nights. Not everything is peace and quiet near Desolation Lake, and if you don't step carefully, you might not survive.

Also note that there will be elements that will play upon superstition and the supernatural.